About Us

Polka interprets the ever-changing trends of modern life with different lines and adds a brand new aesthetic to your bathroom pleasure with ergonomic solutions offered by comfortable bathroom furniture.


As Kırali Yapı Ürünleri, we started to produce bathroom accessories and toilet seat covers with the encouragement of the success we have achieved in the furniture sector, which we have been in since 1980, and the awareness of the deficit in domestic production. In line with our vision, we have reached the capacity to produce 30,000 sets of qualified bathroom furniture and 40,000 toilet seat covers per year in our 8.000 m2 closed area, where we have carried out personnel and technology renovations.

We have developed a unique design process with our experienced and internationally qualified designers and expert staff in order to present aesthetics and functionality at the same time, without leaving any detail to chance. We have hardware, equipment and machinery that keep up with the latest technology in order to continue the production process following this design process without any problems and to reveal the perfect product. Thanks to our meticulousness in design and production, the trust of our name and the satisfaction of our employees, we undertook the production of toilet seats and various bathroom accessories for the world’s most important sanitary ware manufacturers.

We present the most important examples of the ready-made bathroom furniture sector to our customers with our collections produced under the name of our Polka brand, which we have created using our 34 years of knowledge and talents, and we are raising the bar of the sector every day.

As one of the first companies with the ability to make mass production in the field of ready-made bathroom furniture, we have put forward the modern looking Polka collection, which we have mass produced thanks to our high-tech equipment.

With our trend-setting designs and above-the-line quality, we export a large part of our production to 12 different countries, and serve as a bathroom furniture supplier in our 50 exclusive sales points and residential projects.

Our Mission

Our Mission; To ensure that all the achievements we have achieved so far are met in accordance with the efforts of our employees, to keep the satisfaction of our customers who have been with us for many years and our users who will be introduced to our products at the highest level, to maintain the healthy relations established with the companies and components we cooperate with, and to ensure the quality created by our production and operation system. and strengthening its credibility image day by day.

Our Vision

Thanks to the right raw material selection, mechanical systems that adapt to the latest technology, and the production we carry out with the combination of engineers and designers who are experts in their fields, we aim to leave a deeper mark on the Turkish and global markets with each passing day, with our innovative perspective and understanding that does not compromise on quality.